World diamonds and Colombian emeralds


The mission of MILLN EXPORTACIONES is to provide a service that satisfies the needs of our clients by constantly pursuing excellence and quality, offering the participation of qualified professionals, and employing cutting-edge technology, thereby maximizing our client's profitability.


MILLAN EXPORTACIONES seeks to position itself as a leading company in the Latin American and international markets, due to the excellence of its carving services in all of its processes (rough, sawing, stoning, polishing), classification, advice, analysis, and commercialization of DIAMONDS.

Create close relationships with clients, provide dependability in service delivery, and deliver high-quality services.

Continue to be the leading provider of cutting, recutting, and embellishment services for DIAMONDS and one of the leading suppliers and marketers of the product itself at a Latin American and global level, thereby generating high economic performance and allowing our company to grow on a global scale.

Corporate Objectives

Provide our clients with high-quality services and a product that meets their needs, always ensuring the authenticity of our raw materials and instilling confidence in them when they consider MILLAN EXPORTACIONES.

Advise private individuals, government agencies, and private businesses on diamond cutting, polishing, classification, advice, analysis, valuation, and commercialization.

Collaborate actively with the programs of affiliated entities that conduct activities in areas related to precious stones (Diamonds and Emeralds).

Promote research and development in all of DIAMONDS and emeralds' subspecialties, sizes (rough, serrated, faceted, polished), classification advice, and commercialization.

Ensure complete adherence to professional ethics.

Promote labor well-being and constant training of all our human resources.







Carrera 6#11 - 87 Oficina 605 / Edificio Rosa Blanca
Bogotá Colombia


(+57) 318 369 75 79


(+57) 318 369 75 79



Millan Diamonds

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